June 08, 2003

Wish I was There ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies - LIVE

Here's the agenda for the business blogging conference in Boston (offically titled, ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies). Hoping there'll be much blogging about the blog conference.

The blogroll for the event: (blogging live in bold)
Dave Winer and here (pics here)
Denise Howell
David Weinberger
Jason Shellen
Windley (Pics!)
Heath Row
Michael Gartenburg
John Robb
Dan Bricklin
Timothy Appnel(day 2 here)
Bob Frankston
Rick Bruner and here and here, not to mention here
Michael O'Connor Clarke
Beth Goza
Jimmy Gutterman
Biz Stone
Halley Suitt
Mathew Berk
John Robb
Anil Ash
Jeff Jarvis
Timmy Ireland
Paul Perry
Martin Röll
Topic Exchange
Bill Seitz
Debbie Weil I didn't know you had a blog!
Adina Levin
Rex Hammock
Phil Wolff
Vince Mease

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