August 15, 2001

Poppin the Cherry-
OK - I'm new to this. And I thought I found this hot new web toy last week. So much for new. So much for being in the know.
Seems blogs have been around for sometime now.

Anyways ... I decided to start a web site. Main purpose to get published. Also, want to start consulting, conducting workshops. I'm no designer either .... so it's going to be very text heavy ... but that's what I'm selling anyways. Words. I want to be a writer. Errr ... I am a writer. I want to be a published writer. OK, I guess I'm being published now. I want to get paid to write. Really, get paid for something I enjoy.

Getting tired. Will have more tomorrow.

Oh .... I want to talk more about this ... but this article by Sean Carton hits the sweet spot. I'll be sure to elaborate later ....