March 18, 2004

The Trifecta

There's a reason things have been ... well... a bit non-existent here ... Besides getting married in two weeks (woe! [err .... whoa!]) and buying a new house a couple months ago, I just started a new job. At big bad AOL.

Besides my passion in p2p marketing (eg. blog marketing), I also have a very strong interest in the development of local search. I stumbled across a great opportunity to join AOL's Search & Directional Media Group. My experience at TMP, which I seldom talked about here, was tightly focused around local internet marketing. Specifically the field of internet yellow pages. Which is exactly what I'm focusing on at AOL along with its integration into the new field of local search.

While I won't be talking too much about the field here ... as I never heavily covered local search in my blog, and I don't want to come across as a spokesman for AOL's local search plans.... I do want to say how pleasantly my outside view of AOL, which the press without a doubt shaped, has been smashed. From my first interview to my first 2 weeks on the job, I have met nothing but very friendly, approachable, smart and passionate people. Sure, I'm in the honeymoon stage, but a colleague from the recently AOL acquired Singingfish, shared the same sentiments as we were talking last night. There are a few things I might disagree with stategically, but I don't think there is any company the size of AOL that an employee wouldn't say the same thing about.

That's where I've been and where I am going. I'll throw a link of interest up here and there, but expect things to continue to be light here until after the honeymoon (that's the honeymoon after the wedding).

March 06, 2004

Wired News: Warning: Blogs Can Be Infectious

More of a bookmark to myself. But nevertheless an interesting study on how popular bloggers aren't usually the original creators of new ideas.Wired News: Warning: Blogs Can Be Infectious