April 29, 2002

One of the Greatest Things about the Internet are Gems like this
I quote:

I said this is what is happening on the net. We have never in our
lives had a channel to say this, to tell what it's like to be human ....

I don't want to be a hero, I said. Don't want to have a thousand
faces, launch a thousand ships. But I wonder why we think this way.
Where our sense of shifting destiny has gone. For better or worse, I
said, I am trying to live my life in public. Online. We've never had
any channel for this. No models. And the models we need are not
"model" lives but real ones. Uncertain and afraid, crippled, broken.
Trying to make sense of our minds and our hearts and the world we
encounter out here. Telling each other what it's like to be human.
Making what we can with all we've got. Not shitting ourselves and each
other with facile platitudes, easy formulas, empty slogans. A human
life for all to see, for what it's worth. It may not be worth much,
but that's what I'm doing here. Not a model life, but writing that
shakes and shivers and burns and speaks for whatever life we have.
Agency.com Blogs It
This is a very, very cool new blog by the folks at Agency.com. I think this takes a lot of courage. For an ad agency to open up their conversations to the rest of the world is pretty revolutionary. (Thanks to SherpaBlog for the link).
John Hiler on Blog Marketing
Deborah Branscum interviews Coronte Microblog creator John Hiler. John shares with us how blogging will be important to marketing. Not sure I agree with all of John's conclusions, but an interesting read nonetheless.

April 26, 2002

It's Friday!!
.... and it's time for some peanut butter and jelly.

April 24, 2002

Googlewog: The Power of a Brand via Doc's Blog
Doc writes a heartwarming piece about his son in his blog today. This could have easily been an ad. Any copywriter could write such a story. But what makes this one so much more powerful is the voice is real. The power of the internet is that it opens up the relationships between customers and the products they buy (although Doc didn't pay for Google, you can get the point). People will be linking to Doc's story all day today. Google is winning in the process because it delivers a stellar product. And Doc has something neat to say about it.

April 18, 2002

New Marketing Blog - NetMarketing
Stumbled accross this new marketing blog called NetMarketing by Robert Lock via the Corante Blog. Lots of industry info.

BTW just added a discussion forum via Bravenet (thanks to NetMarketing). So talk it up folks ...

April 08, 2002

Adweak: Ad Criticism & Blatantly Fake News
Thought of making a parody website of Adweek. Looks like someone already did. Pretty funny site. Check it out.
Totalitarian Control of the Browser - First Our Inboxes, Now our Browsers
Sean Carton gives another scary view of things to come in his latest ClickZ article at what some marketers are trying to do to our browsers. The sad thing is, I think Sean is dead on with this prediction.

April 05, 2002

Why Google Works.
From Seth Godin's blog.

April Fools joke courtesy of Google.

April 02, 2002

Ads that People Want
In an advertising world where 2% responses are something the cheer about ....

Media Central's Media Buyer's Daily reports on a study by Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research Inc which found "73% of consumers surveyed said yellow pages ads are more important than other ad types because they 'provide information at the time of purchase'.... Local and national yellow pages advertising generated 13.6 billion in revenue in 2001."

See, sometimes useful things aren't quite so sexy.

Marketing that a customer wants is marketing that works.