April 29, 2002

One of the Greatest Things about the Internet are Gems like this
I quote:

I said this is what is happening on the net. We have never in our
lives had a channel to say this, to tell what it's like to be human ....

I don't want to be a hero, I said. Don't want to have a thousand
faces, launch a thousand ships. But I wonder why we think this way.
Where our sense of shifting destiny has gone. For better or worse, I
said, I am trying to live my life in public. Online. We've never had
any channel for this. No models. And the models we need are not
"model" lives but real ones. Uncertain and afraid, crippled, broken.
Trying to make sense of our minds and our hearts and the world we
encounter out here. Telling each other what it's like to be human.
Making what we can with all we've got. Not shitting ourselves and each
other with facile platitudes, easy formulas, empty slogans. A human
life for all to see, for what it's worth. It may not be worth much,
but that's what I'm doing here. Not a model life, but writing that
shakes and shivers and burns and speaks for whatever life we have.

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