June 30, 2003

Sweet 16 for Success

John Audette's (who moderated Adventive's I-Sales group), top 16 for Building A Successful Business and Using the Internet to Further Your Organization ObjectivesAdventive - Communities For Internet Professionals - Tools:

  1. Maintain Absolute Integrity

  2. Niche With Passion

  3. Put the Power of Inertia on Your Side

  4. Build In Scalability

  5. Keep It Lean

  6. Remarket

  7. Stay Humble: Maintain a Vertical Learning Curve

  8. Honor the Customer's Intelligence

  9. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

  10. Yoda Says, "Give, Then Take"

  11. Ideas Are Only Sparks

  12. Tangibilize

  13. Build a Three Legged Stool

  14. Build Community

  15. Respect the Power of the Index Finger

  16. Convert Liabilities Into Assets

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