June 15, 2003

Actual Business Blogs

Rick brings up a good point ..... lots of talk, but no walk when it comes to business blogs. While I think we're still in the pioneering stages (heck still in the ideas stages), there has been a lot of talk on business blogs. I've been as guilty as anyone ... talking about applications but not having any clients to show for it (although I haven't been seeking any).

But Rick is walking the talk. He posted clients he has set up weblogs for: BizNetTravel and Roundtable Communications. Of course Marcromedia was one of the first, and so was Dr. Pepper and who can forget Barbie. I'd also say that Dave Winer and the whole Radio Userland group is a prime example of business blogs .... although they've never been billed as such. Fellow DC area blogger, James Robertson, blogs for his company Cincom SmallTalk. You might be saying, so what's the big deal, sounds like there're lots of companies out there. Dr. Pepper didn't get it. Barbie is purely fictional. And most other business blogs are from software/tech companies. Rick's are some of the first to break outside of the tech arena.

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