June 25, 2003

MarketingFix Sells Out

jheez, that didn't take too long. Going by the tag line, "Independent eMarketing News (Until We Sell Out)" MarketingFix sold out to Andy Bourland (if you're going to sell out to anyone, it might as well be this guy ... founder of ClickZ, when it was really good). But in all seriousness, congratulations to the guys, I hope the site's style keeps up.

Andy formed a new company, Up2Speed, also acquired Adventive, an online discussion group. According to Rafat Ali's scoop, Andy hopes to use"the mix of vertical-focused weblogs and e-mail newsletters/discussion group ... [to] cross promote the sites through the discussion lists and vice-versa, with ad revenues coming in from both ends."

hmmm.... this is the first time I know of that a blog has been bought.

Looking forward to how it plays out.

[later] -- Marketing Fix has more here.

[later later] so does Andy.

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