January 02, 2002

The Adventures of Cy Netson
Year: 2084
Place: Somewhere in the Mid West

Cy: Mom, what is that symbol?
Mom: What symbol?
Cy: Everytime I get mail, this squarish thing with a triangle in the middle pops up on my Com.
Mom: That's what they called an envelope.
Cy: What's an envelope?
Mom: When I was just a little girl we used to receive messages on paper. They were enclosed in an envelope and delivered to a physical box, we called a mail box. You would call it an inbox. All the companies couldn't afford to keep sending mail.
Cy: How much did it cost?
Mom: I could send your grandmother a letter for $3.17.
Cy: Grandmother didn't have a Com?
Mom: No, she came from a different generation.

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