December 20, 2001

The Power of the First Person
Nick Usborne birngs up one of the best points I've heard on online copywriting: "The network of the Web is made up of hundreds of millions of individuals who email, chat, discuss, and share in the first person. People online connect with one another on an individual basis far more frequently than they buy at online stores. The Web is a fabric of individuals above all else, not a mall." So "perhaps the Web is the one place where the first-person singular is absolutely appropriate."

Which led me to think about the old days of the web when there were webmasters for each site. They had ownership on these sites. Nick suggests using this first person technique on corporate sites. I wonder out loud whether companies should not only give their sites the voice of a singular person, but actually put a real (not corporate mascot) personality behind it. An actual person. "Wecome to My name is Scott Knowles and let me show you around."

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