December 20, 2001

Gonzo Marketing Review from disinformation
A very thorough, well though-out, although critical review of Gonzo Marketing. This is the first review to say Locke didn't go far enough, that he doesn't discuss the long term implications thoroughly enough. Not sure if I agree yet or not:

"My problem with Locke's book is not just that I'm jealous he wrote it before I did, but because, in nit-picking True Believer style, I don't believe he goes far enough or considers the long-term implications of what he proposes. Gonzo Marketing hints at the transition currently under-way in marketing--a transition sparked by the Internet, and also by the glaring limits of current demographic/psychographic modelling tools--yet a transition that also requires a psychological shift by the marketeer beyond 1to1 models or living off the growth of alt.subcultures."

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