December 03, 2001

I used to think online yellow pages were a lost cause (place foot in mouth). They seemed so basic. So old-school. So much like putting a circular peg in a square hole. But I think they could be a leading model for the future of web advertising. Superpages is, in the most traditional sense, a marketplace. Merchants set up shop, customers come to check out the goods. Through Superpages' Merchant Match, customers can be directed to a Merchant Match web form from the business owner's listing. This form is emailed to the merchant. The shopper receives a personal (written by a person for a person) with a link to request an appointment, a link to purchase product or service, link to merchant's web site and merchant contact info. Shopper corresponds with Merchant via links or email.

I think what Superpages is missing is actual customer feedback posted live about merchants (similar to Amazon's reviewing). This would create a true hyper-conversation. Perhaps even working in some sort of collaborative filtering devise could make merchant recommendations to visitors to Superpages.

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