February 13, 2003

Working on my bio ... actually have about 7 different versions now. One of the problems I've had is I don't like talking about myself, which can make it hard to promote yourself. And whenever I do, I think I sound a litte narcistic (And since I'm reading Fountainhead I've got all sorts of thoughts on ego running through my head -- but that's besides the point.) Then there's the question of first person or third? So I checked out how some others have done there's. I like Jason Kottke's -- reverse chronological order (he uses first person). It's very natural and unforced.

Okay, I've tried some out and I think the progression is pretty good ... although some of this might be better off on a "Solutions" page. (sidebar: I've always found it difficult freewriting with a computer. I find it much easier to freewrite, brainstorm and complete initial drafts on paper. You can scribble, make notes, change things around, draw arrows, explore multiple ideas more effectively. However, I think I just found a method that's working for me via the computer screen. First, I like Notepad, not Word. Somehow the text seems so much less finalized than in Word -- plus you don't have to worry about auto-correctors, grammar and spelling checkers, formatting and fonts. A lot of times when I'm writing I'll have an overall idea but a certain word or phrase is just a place holder for something better. So what I do is put a "=" before and after the word as a note to find something more powerful. If I think of something I'm writing, I'll put it after the last "=" and then add another "=" for the next word. For example Dennis Miller is =funny=witty=satirical=smart=. I have some examples in the bio entries below). Here are some first stabs:

Hi, I 'm Scott Knowles.

I breathe, eat, sleep, speak, see, sweat, smoke, sigh, fly, drive, ride, drink, think, hear --- understand --- EXLCAIM the future of --

online advertising

online marketing

online media.

My goal is to make the future now.


Hi, I’m Scott Knowles. I’ve been helping grow the Web since Al Gore invented it.


Hi I’m Scott Knowles. I’ve been submerged in online marketing, advertising and media since Al Gore invented it.--- since studying it’s =uses=power= in 1994 at Ithaca College and =making it happen= at TMP Worldwide for the last 5 and a half years. Now, I’m on a new journey. I am a consultant helping businesses =engage with, understand and utilize= their customers for high impact peer-to-peer marketing.


Hi, I’m Scott Knowles. I subscribe to the belief that successful online marketing and advertising is about

knowing your customers

understanding your customers

listening to your customers

talking with your customers

engaging with your customers


CRM isn’t a mathematical equation. It is a qualitative understanding, knowing, listening, talking and engaging with your customers. CRM is a human equation.

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