February 20, 2003

Jim Lehrer News Hour Interviews Us at Meet Up

I attended my first Blog Meet-Up event last night in the Washington, DC area and the Jim Lehrer News Hour was there to interview the 4 of us that managed to show up. The interview and round table discussion was very interesting and I think the segment should show much insight into blogging when it airs (Iraq is taking precedence over blogging, I don't get that ;-)). I was a little under the weather, but I think I did okay for my first TV interview!

It's always interesting meeting bloggers face to face -- I think you really get to see the real person behind the words. It was also interesting to talk to people who blog about different subjects other than what I typically follow. It's very easy to get stuck in the circle of blogs you read without exploring outwards.

Here are the three others that were there: John Irons blogs about Economics and is an Economics professor at Amherst College.

James Robertson
created a blog for his technology company Cincom Small Talk -- James was the first person who explained the RSS completely to me -- I think I finally get it!

Thomas Bascom is an entreprenuer who has created something called VBlog which helps people with common interests find common websites.

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