March 26, 2002

Arbitron tells CARP to go Scratch
This is HUGE. The fact that the Nielson ratings of radio has come out against CARP's recommendation is going to make this one a real fight ...

NEW YORK, March 25, 2002 -Arbitron Inc. provided congressional leaders with detailed reasons why they should oppose the digital rights fees recommended by the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel (CARP) and, instead, institute a five-year moratorium on such fees for streaming media.

"We foresee that the impact of these fees will dramatically reduce the consumer's choice of streaming content, limit the diversity of streaming 'voices' on the Internet, stifle competition among content providers and impede the growth of a popular new medium," wrote Bill Rose, vice president and general manager, Arbitron Webcast Services, in letters to members of Congress.

More here.

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