March 13, 2002

The Tipping Blog
Very cool and interesting follow up piece from John Hiler at Corante ... Malcom Gladwell's Tipping Point is used to explain the potently viral element of the internet. Which explains why Rob Poel saw that everyone else had already blogged John's earlier article on why google loves blogs.

An interesting exerpt:

Understanding how Link Mavens and Connectors work transformed my thoughts of how ideas spread. You can literally see the process take place online in a way that is virtually impossible in real life.

It's generally a five-step process:

1. An Expert (one might call her a Content Maven) Writes or Creates something interesting and puts it online (creating the critical component of any online ideavirus: the link)
2. A Link Maven comes across the link, and blogs it to their site
3. A Connector finds the link and blogs it to their site (or the aforementioned Link Maven has Connector-like traffic levels)
4. The link starts to Tip within the weblog community
5. The link Tips beyond the weblog community, as the rest of us find out about it

Advertisers think about banner-ad campaigns as a way to carpetbomb their audience with ads. But in a world where ideas and links can Tip so dramatically, perhaps it makes sense for them to revise their thinking.

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