October 05, 2004


Imagine a world where portable audio blogs existed. Where you could take an audio clip from your blog world and listen to it on your way to work, at the gym and on the plane. Portable, time-shifted radio programming that you control. Because you want control. You need control to fit everything into your life. But not only do you listen. You participate. You create. The next thing you know there's a blogosphere of audio programming that you control what you listen to, when you listen to it and what you contribute. And it's not broadcasting. It's narrowcasting to and from your realm of passion. Just like blogs.

But it's already here. Thanks to Adam Curry and others, via podcasting, we citizens are creating our own programming, we are downloading it, and listening to it on our iPods on our way to work, at the gym, and on the plane.

Jeff Jarvis and Doc Searls have much more... (too much to quote, so I encourage you to read it all).

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