February 05, 2002

EGR: Watching the Detectives
Where to start??? And how ironic. I'm seriously chuckling. Big brother is watching, and look what they snagged. My employer, like many, has decided to start using software to monitor emails coming into my inbox. Looks for "dirty" words. Literally. This is the message I received:

-----Original Message-----
From: spamadminit@.com [mailto:spamadminit@.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 9:18 PM
To: "ScottKnowles@mail..com"
Subject: Dirty Words_Notify

************* eManager Notification **************

*****Your message was trapped due to foul language. Please contact the sender of the message and have them remove the offending word and resend. Please refrain from future use of foul language to prevent your messages from being trapped again. *****

Now this wasn't one of the hundreds of peda-porno-necro sleeze ball spamo email messages I have received at my work email address over the past year. It was the latest enstallment from EGR. Of the 2,952 words that so brilliantly, intelligently and informatively appear in the text, a whopping 2 fit one's definition of "dirty words." (Don't get me wrong, I don't claim to understand 2,245 of those words, but somehow it all jives together) I do have to disclaim: I typically don't receive any Locke related email at work (I know better than that), but email problems at Excite (which, I must say, they handled extremely well considering the crap they had to put up with) forced me to make a temporary change.

One final thought: The irony of the title of Locke's latest send, "Watching the Detectives." I think it's time we start watching the detectives.

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