June 03, 2004

Amazon Blogs... err... Plogs

If there hasn't been proof enough that blogging is mainstream, Amazon is toying the concept in a new content layout called Plogs. Right now I only see this as a new way of ordering content, but the potential is there, especially in the area of collaborative filtering across outside blogs and in the use of RSS. Rafat Ali says:

what I would like is that if Amazon can spider services like Technorati to see other references (from other blogs/media sources) to a new book released, and present that ecosystem as part of the "plog" recommendation...
As such, the blog meme is powerful than you think..the chunk-sized bites are about to take over the world...sorta.
I can see implications of this integrated into its A9 search engine

Stowe Boyd adds:

I can't tweak very much, can't change look/feel, move things around -- just toggling on and off the monetary value of purchases made -- and I can't actually add any content. Wouldn't it be sensible to have my own reviews, etc.?

Is this only a mechanism to push information to me? Even so I like the format. But there is no RSS feed, so I guess you have to actually go and read the damn thing.

And the whole social angle -- seeing updates to your buddies' wishlists, for example -- isn't integrated at all.

It will be interesting to see how Plogs affects sales. Unless they leverage some of the ideas from above, I don't see them helping.

Looks like Plogs is only in beta, so some might not be able to see it in action.

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