January 18, 2003

Blogging on Jupiter

Jupiter Research has joined the weblog world with a blog by senior analyst Michael Gartenberg and 6 other analysts. I think this is going to be an invaluable element to the research Jupiter puts out. Hopefully it will provide us with insight behind the numbers in a real voice. Michael tells us what he wants to accomplish with his newly formed blog:

In an ever changing world, the access to new information and analysis is growing. The Weblog medium allows for something that goes beyond our traditional research deliverables and also enhances them. Look to this space for thoughts on the new and exciting but also on the offbeat. It’s a chance to get closer to how we think as analysts and the thought process that goes into final research positions.

I spend my days as well as a good deal of the nights and weekends pondering the issues that relate to digital ubiquity as well as working with a host of interesting technologies. Some are breakthrough, some are half baked. The results of this process of thought and interaction go into the presentations and research reports that we create at Jupiter. This blog will hopefully open that process of thought, commentary and analysis up to a wider audience and in a different format.

Rock on Jupiter. ">Gonzo marketing is taking shape.

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