September 19, 2002

aggghhhh, just hit backspace and lost this entire post ... will try to recreate ....

My company just sent out this release on our new partnership with Trellix. The main purpose of the agreement is for what we call dealer page programs .... we design templated web pages for our clients that have distributed networks of franchisees, authorized dealers and/or retail stores.... now they can use Trellix to update their pages, customize them, etc. But what I'm really excited about is that Trellix has a blogging application. Been working on ideas on how to use Trellix's blogging tool as a solution for our clients so they can better engage with their customers. I'm really excited about the possibilities. Might be pretty groundbreaking.

Also, MonsterMoving, a great site with lots of useful moving tools (if you happen to be moving anytime soon) just acquired (actually, TMP acquired ....) This could be really exciting. Of course we're not sure how the two will co-exist. But both are tremendous resources, so check them out.

This gives you a little taste of what I do .... since I don't touch on that much here.

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