November 19, 2001

2nd start. It's been too long since my first entry. Now I'm ready. I didn't know what I wanted to do with this ... now I know. I want to define the web so it's friendly to businesses and so that businesses can be friendly to the world of customers.

There will be a big focus on Cluetrain and Gonzo Marketing because these are by far the best examples of the web's "best practices" and why the web has been such a bust for most. I hope to move this conversation from conceptions to practices.

What will this be. My meandering through Merriam-Webster gave me some ideas:
guru (BTW, one of my fondest memories in college were "guru sessions." Sitting around at 3:00 usually with a healthy buzz, nothing but a candle and some empty cans of Beast Lite on the table (we were too poor for anything good) talking about the deep meaning of life, crazy and not so crazy ideas each of us had... generally, all philosophy on the great and not so great points of life. Some of these discussions were pathetic to say the least. But some were incredibly magical. Essentially, this is blogging [maybe minus the Beast and Candles, depending on your tastes and financial well-being]. And blogging helps us define the power of the web and realize how sad most sites are).


What's interesting is if you add HYPER- in front of any of these, you get to the heart of the web.

The backbone of the web's infrastructure: HTML. HTML is the technical language of the web. HYPER is the most integral part of this ... moving beyond 3 dimensions it is what makes this the web. HTML permits networked communications. It is the universe of conversations. Where telephone, TV, radio and all other media were tiny locales of our communication, they represented a small but powerful voice. No longer is there (or, should there be) a single voice.

We are all empowered.

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